Minimum Wage Act

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The Minimum Wage Act is a Liberalia Law.

[edit] The Bill

Minimum Wage AMENDED 10 September 2006

Article I Extent

Clause 1: The minimum wage is a legal right which covers all workers above compulsory school leaving age. There are different minimum wage rates for different groups of workers

Clause 2: The terms of this bill applies to companies employing more than 5 employees

Clause 3: Each worker shall work a minimum of 2 hours per week in order to qualify for a minimum wage.

Article II Amounts

Clause 1: The amounts defined in clauses 2-5 shall be known as the floor rate

Clause 2: The main rate for workers aged 21 and over is to be $8.66 an hour.

Clause 3: The accredited training rate for workers aged 21 and over who are receiving accredited training in the first six months of a job with a new employer is to be $7.29 an hour.

Clause 4: The development rate for 18-20 year olds is to be $7.29 an hour.

Clause 5: The development rate for 16-17 years olds is to be $5.15 an hour.

Clause 6: Individual nations may have a higher starting point for minimum wage.

Clause 7: The minimum wage shall increase on a yearly basis by the rate of inflation in that nation.

Clause 8: If deflation occurs in a nation, then the nation may reduce their minimum wage but not below the floor rates as defined in Article II Clauses 2-6

Article III Overtime

Clause 1: Workers who work more than 40 hours a week defined over 5 days shall be paid time and a quarter

Clause 2: Workers who work on saturdays shall be paid time and a half from 00.00-23.59 on Saturdays

Section a: This shall not apply to workers who are contracted to work Saturdays

Clause 3: Workers who work on Sundays shall be paid double time from 00.00-23.59 on Sundays

Section a: This shall not apply to workers who are contracted to work Sundays

Clause 4: Should a worker who is contracted to work Saturday and/or Sundays work extra days during Monday to Friday above their five day working week, then they shall be paid time and a half for the first day worked and double time for the second day worked

Clause 5: Part-timer workers shall have the same overtime rights as full time workers as long as they have worked their full hours in the 5 days proceeding the overtime opportunity.

Section a: Full hours are working hours plus authorised absences from work to include but not limited to Annual Leave, bank holidays and trips to the health professionals.

Section b: Full hours does not include unauthorised absences from work such as strike action or going absent without leave.

Section c: Companies may extend or restrict definitions of authorised and unauthorised absences except where already covered in Article III, Clause 5 Sections a and b

Article IV Exemptions

Clause 1: Charities.

Clause 2: Prisoners convicted of a crime who are set to work as part of their prison life.

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